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Export Advanced Analytic Reports

Export any of your Advanced Analytics Reports to share with outside teammates and clients outside of CoSchedule.

Note: Advanced Analytics Exporting is available for Team Pro, Team Plus, and Multi-calendar Pro calendar plans.

Export Scheduled Reports

To export any of your reports, go to the Analytics > Report page and click Export in the top right-hand corner. You can download the Social Engagement report as a CSV file and email or schedule a PDF report to be emailed daily, weekly, and monthly for both the Social Engagement report and the Team Performance report.

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Manage Scheduled Reports

Once you have setup an export scheduling, go to Settings > Analytics. Inside the Analytics page, you will be able to add your Company Logo and Company Name to your report. At the bottom of the Analytics settings page is where you will be able to manage and edit any of your scheduled reports. To delete a scheduled report, hover over the report and click x. To edit, hover over the report and click the Pencil icon or Add New Email.

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