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Connect Your WordPress.org Site to CoSchedule

Connecting CoSchedule to your self-hosted WordPress.org blog is easy! You can use our auto-installer to automagically install the CoSchedule plugin for you.

Connecting to a New CoSchedule Calendar

To begin, sign in or sign up at http://app.CoSchedule.com.

Start your free trial and proceed through our short onboarding section. When CoSchedule asks you if you use WordPress, click Yes.

Enter your blog's URL and go through the prompts. 

CoSchedule will locate your blog and ask for your WordPress login information. This information is not saved or stored, but only used to install the plugin during this initial setup process. If you would rather install the plugin yourself, you can do that via the WordPress Gallery Install. 

If you experience any trouble, contact Support@CoSchedule.com for help. 

Note: We do not connect with WordPress.com blogs, only self-hosted WordPress.org blogs.

Once your blog has been successfully connected, CoSchedule will sync your 500 most recent blog posts, and you'll be able to create blog posts right from your CoSchedule calendar!

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Connecting an Already Existing CoSchedule Calendar

The steps to connecting an already existing CoSchedule Calendar to your WordPress blog is very simple. To begin, go to your calendar's Settings > WordPress page. Click Start CoSchedule Plugin Installer Now

Next, CoSchedule will ask you to log into your WordPress blog. CoSchedule will not store any of this login information.

Once you have successfully logged into your WordPress blog, CoSchedule will prompt you to open up your WordPress blog. Click Open My Blog Now.

The "Add Plugins" page will open, click Install Now next to the CoSchedule logo. 

After the CoSchedule plugin is installed, click Activate Plugin

Your CoSchedule calendar will open. Click Sign In With An Existing CoSchedule Account and enter your CoSchedule login information. Once you have successfully logged in, you have finalized connection between WordPress and CoSchedule! 

If you run into any problems, contact our support team at Support@CoSchedule.com.

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