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Using Linkedin With CoSchedule

CoSchedule allows you to post to your LinkedIn profile or page.

How To Connect To LinkedIn

CoSchedule allows you to connect to LinkedIn profiles or pages.

1. Add a LinkedIn profile or page.

Connect your LinkedIn profile as you would any other social media account.

Once you have finished adding your LinkedIn pages, you will see them added to your Social Profiles list of accounts.

2. Re-authentication may be required.

LinkedIn periodically requires you to re-authenticate your account. If you have received an error message that a LinkedIn message did not send, you can easily re-authenticate your LinkedIn account by clicking the orange RE-AUTH button. Do not click delete.

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Creating And Posting Content to LinkedIn

Creating a message for LinkedIn is much the same as creating messages for the other social networks. Choose your LinkedIn account(s) from the drop-down list and create your social message as needed.

Including A Permalink In Copy Of Messages

If you prefer to have the actual URL in the body of the message you send, leave the {permalink} when you create your message. If you do not want the URL visible, remove {permalink}. Your post will still contain the link, but you will not see it in the text. 

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What LinkedIn Messages Look Like

Once you send your image, it will appear on LinkedIn much like a natively created message would.

You can create a Link Post on CoSchedule.

That post will appear on LinkedIn as this:

You can create an Image Post on CoSchedule.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn does not handle images well when posted from a third-party application. Image posts on LinkedIn will show up like this:

You can create a Video Post on CoSchedule.

The post will appear on LinkedIn as a link to the video hosted by CoSchedule.

You can create a Text Post on CoSchedule.

That post will appear on LinkedIn as this:


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