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Inviting Team Members and Assigning Roles

With CoSchedule, we make team workflows simple and fast. Use tasks and comments to manage the entire marketing process. Take advantage of our comments and notes to communicate with your team with the ability to attach photos and documents. You will be able to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently than you ever thought possible!

To begin, go to your calendar's Settings > Team page. Click on the Invite New User or Invite New Guest button. To learn more about user roles you can go here.


Once you decide what type of team member to add, pick how you would like to add them. You can now add team members either from WordPress directly or via email.

Choosing to Invite a user from WordPress will bring up a list of your current WordPress users with WP admin, WP editor, WP author, and WP contributor roles. If you choose to Invite a user via Email, enter their email and user role and click Invite.

 Until this invite is accepted, they will appear on Team page as "*Unconfirmed."

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