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Connect Google+ Through Buffer

You can connect a Google+ Page to CoSchedule using your Buffer account. You must already have the Google+ Page authorized in Buffer before you can connect via CoSchedule.

Connect Google+ Through Buffer

1. Add your Google+ page to your Buffer account.

In order to connect to Google+ with CoSchedule, you will first need a Buffer account that has Google+ connected to it. Buffer has excellent instructions on how to add Google+ to your own Buffer account. Remember, you can only connect a Google+ Page.

2. Go to the Settings area.

In CoSchedule, go to Settings > Social Profiles

3. Click to connect to Google+

You will see the Google+ Page option in the list of available connections. Click the Connect a Google+ Page button to connect.


4. Authorize CoSchedule to access your Buffer account.

You will see an authorization screen pop up. Click Allow access to accept authorization.

5. Select the correct Google+ Page.

Choose the correct Google+ Page from the next window. Currently, you can only connect to Google+ Pages, not profiles. When you have found the correct Google+ Page you want to add, click the Connect button. The status will change to "✓Connected" and then click the Done button.

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Delete Google+ Page From Buffer

To delete Buffer's access to your Google+ page, you will go to Buffer's main dashboard. Click on the Google+ page you'd like to delete from Buffer. Click Settings and a drop-down menu will open. Click Remove to continue to delete the account.

If you remove the Google+ Page account you'll lose all of that page's analytics and history inside Buffer.



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