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Add/Remove Social Profiles

You can connect as many social media accounts and profiles as your plan allows. Find out more about the available social media networks available here.

Add Social Profile

Select the calendar you wish to connect your social profiles to and navigate to the SettingsSocial Profiles section.

To connect, log into the correct social media account in order to authorize it. For example, if you want to connect two different Twitter accounts first log into one, connect to CoSchedule, log out of the Twitter account, log into the second Twitter account, and connect to CoSchedule.


Authorize A Page

Once you click Connect on the type of profile you want to add, a window will appear requesting permission to authorize access with CoSchedule. Accept this authorization request.

In the example below, you can authorize multiple Facebook pages. Click Connect on the page(s) you would like to connect to CoSchedule, then click Done.

Please note that before you can authorize a Facebook Page, you will need to first authorize your personal profile account so that CoSchedule knows which Facebook pages you have access to. This is due to how Facebook is set up. You may remove your personal profile from the list after you have authorized the page.

Connected social accounts will appear on your Settings > Social Profiles page.

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Remove Social Profiles

To remove social media accounts, navigate to Settings > Social Profiles. You can see which profiles are connected to your blog. Click Delete to remove the social profile. Remember that when you delete a social profile, any messages associated with the profile will be from CoSchedule deleted.

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