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How do I re-authenticate my social profiles?

It's easy to re-auth your social profiles on CoSchedule! If you get an email notification indicating that a profile needs to be re-authenticated, you can do that from your Settings > Social Profiles menu. 

In your social profiles list, click the red RE-AUTH button that appears and proceed through the steps in the pop-up. 

If your social messages are still failing or the profile does not re-authenticate successfully, you may need to reconnect the profile. You do this by redoing the steps you took when the account was initially connected. DO NOT DELETE THE PROFILE.

Important: If you delete a social profile and remove it from CoSchedule, you will also delete any scheduled messages associated with that account. This action is not reversible, so be careful before deleting any social profiles.

Go to the top of your Settings > Social Profiles page, and click the "Connect a _____________" button that corresponds with the type of profile you are re-connecting. 

Reconnecting won't affect your existing social messages on your calendar. It will only re-authorize the profile. This usually fixes any connection or authentication issues that pop up. 

If you are still having trouble, please contact support.

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