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Creating Tasks For Teams And Solo Bloggers

Tasks allow you to designate duties to help you keep you and your team on track.

Creating a Task Connected to Content

Your task menu will appear on the right-hand side of your content along with your team comments.

Click on the New Task field to open the dialogue. Enter the text for your task. You may also assign the task to any team member on your calendar or set a finish time for the specific task.


The due date can be relative, meaning that you can select a date based on the publishing of the post (e.g. one day before, a week before, etc.). This way, if the posts are moved on the calendar, the task due date will automatically adjust for the team member. However, you can also select a custom date, which is a hard date. That means that the date never changes any matter how the post is moved on the calendar. 

You can also create task templates to apply to your blog posts to save time and streamline your workflow.  

Team members will be notified of tasks.

Team members are only notified of a task if it is assigned to them. The task will not notify others following the blog post. Task notifications will be sent to the team member's email, as well as show up in your CoSchedule Dashboard, as shown below.

Team members can check their tasks off when completed.

Tasks can be checked off in CoSchedule Dashboard or in the post on the Calendar when completed. They are synced, so no matter which place your team finds easier to manage, it will happen across the system. This makes it easy for the team member to manage all tasks from one place, but convenient for editors to see what tasks aren't completed on a post-by-post basis.

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Creating Standalone Tasks 

You can create standalone tasks on your calendar that are not connected to any blog posts. 

To create a standalone task, click the icon on the date you would like to schedule the task. Then click Task.

Add the task details and assign it to a team member.

You can also choose a custom color label for the task.

Your task will now appear on the calendar of the person it was assigned to.

Only the person assigned the task will see it on the calendar. If you create a task and assign it to another team member you will not be able to view that task on your own calendar.

Check off tasks that are assigned to you right from your calendar. 

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