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Connecting Additional Blogs

You can connect as many blogs to CoSchedule as you would like, one at a time after your initial blog has been set up. Be sure that you have the CoSchedule plugin installed on the blogs you will be adding. Each blog comes with its own 14-day free trial, and will have a separate subscription. So to run 2 blogs in our Solo Standard monthly plan it would be 2 separate $19 charges per month, for a total of $38.

You will need to access the CoSchedule web app at app.coschedule.com. You cannot add a new blog from within the WordPress dashboard. Log-in to your account in the web app. 

Connect additional blogs through the left navigation menu. Click the Add a new calendar or Manage multiple calendars? button to add another calendar.

Follow the onboarding steps.

You will be taken through a three-step onboarding process which will install the plugin automatically on your blog.

Enter the URL of your blog. Be sure you are not entering a WordPress.com blog. CoSchedule will locate your blog if the URL is correct.

Log in using your WordPress blog login information. We do not keep or store this information anywhere. This is simply to allow the CoSchedule plugin to be automatically installed on your blog.

From there, follow the prompts carefully. Do not ignore the time zone prompt. It is very important that you verify it is the correct timezone.

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