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Closing Your Account

Please keep in mind that once you have deleted a blog or your account, it is removed from the CoSchedule system permanently as well as everything associated with it. We are not able to recover your data, including previously scheduled social messages, comments, tasks, team member information, or notes. 

Disconnect Your Blog

If you are the owner of the blog, you can delete/disconnect each blog in your CoSchedule account one at a time.

Go to the Settings > General page and click the Delete/Disconnect This Blog option in the lower-left corner. The system will not allow you to delete/disconnect a blog if there is still an active subscription on it, so make sure you complete the process detailed above first. If your blog is in a trial, you can proceed with the disconnection.

Delete Your Calendar

If you're looking to Delete your calendar, go to your calendar's Settings > Calendar Settings page. Then in the bottom-left hand corner, click Delete/Disconnect This Calendar. Confirm the Delete and the deletion of your calendar will be complete.

Delete Your Account

If you would like to remove your user account from CoSchedule, you can do so via the CoSchedule App. In the sidebar menu, click the Gear icon in the upper-left corner of your screen.

If you have already deleted all your calendars, you will get a screen prompting you to make a new calendar. At the bottom, you will see My Account. Go to your "My Account" page to proceed to delete your account.

In the lower-right corner of the screen, click on Delete my account :( to delete your entire CoSchedule account.

Note: Doing this, you understand that all of your data, including social messages scheduled into the future, will be deleted from our system permanently. 

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