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LinkedIn Group Changes

Recently, LinkedIn announced that they would be eliminating your publishing access to LinkedIn Groups through the API that CoSchedule uses to connect to your LinkedIn Groups. This change would mean that as of May 12th, 2015, users of CoSchedule will no longer be able to post to their LinkedIn Groups through CoSchedule.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience, and are doing everything that we can to get this access back for our users, and we appreciate your support during this transition and application process.

Again, effective May 12th, 2015, any scheduled social media messages to LinkedIn Groups will not be sent. Past messages that were successfully sent, as well as any messages you've already scheduled, will remain on your calendar for informational purposes.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience. We are as equally disappointed as you are regarding this change. We appreciate your patience during this transition, and your support of CoSchedule!

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