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Using Social Helpers in CoSchedule

Social helpers are reusable tags that will be automatically replaced with your specified content when social messages are sent and allow you to reuse content in multiple messages. With Social Helpers, you won’t have to manually add the same text (or images) to each message you create. Reduce the repetition and auto-fill your entire social queue instantly.

Note: Social Helpers are available in all CoSchedule calendar plans.

Getting Started

To access your Social Helpers, create a WordPress Blog, Social Campaign or a Standalone Content post. Inside your "Content" window, click Add a Social Campaign.

You will see your Social Helpers next to the Social Campaign. Click the Social Helpers menu.

When Social Helpers opens, click +New Helper to add Custom Social Helper tags to your Social Campaign social messages.

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Standard Social Helpers

WordPress Blog posts will sync all of the Standard Social Helper information. However, you will be able to customize the blog's excerpt for your WordPress Blog posts inside the Permalink box. Content posts are more flexible. You will be able to change or add the Permalink. Inside the Permalink Standard Helper, you can choose the Best Image that will show up in your Social Messages. This image will show up as the default image when Best Image  is selected in your Image-type messages.

To access your Standard Social Helpers, click the Permalink button.

Once the Permalink box opens, enter your URL. 

Title: This title is synced from the title of your WordPress blog or URL Title.

Permalink: When working with WordPress blog posts, this will always be your WordPress blog's URL. If you are working in content, you will be able to customize this URL.

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Custom Social Helpers

Custom Social Helpers give the ability to add custom text and extra images to your Social Messages without having to have the information inside of your WordPress blog post or Content Editor. 


Custom Text Helpers

To add a new Custom Text Helper click Text Helper


Now you're able to Copy and Paste the name of the Custom Social Helper into the content of your Social Message.

Want a quicker way to add all your Social Helpers to a message? Click the Social Helper Picker, then click the Standard or Custom Text Social Helper you would like to add to your message.

Custom Image Helpers

To add a Custom Image Helper, click Image Helper. Next, name your Custom Image Helper and add an image by clicking the Camera or Image Picker

You will then see your Custom Image Helper added to your Social Helpers menu. If you'd like to edit the Custom Image Helper, click on the Camera. To delete the Custom Image Helper, highlight over the image to edit or click the to delete. 


To schedule a social message with your Custom Image Helper, go to the Social Queue attached to your Content and add a new Image-Type or Link-Type social message. Next, click the Image Picker Arrows to find your Custom Image Helper image, then add your message text and click Add Message.

You've now scheduled your first message using CoSchedule Custom Social Helpers. 

Custom Video Helpers

To add a Custom Image Helper, click Video Helper. Next, name your Custom Video Helper and add a video by clicking the Video Camera

To upload your video, click Upload New and choose your video.

After you have uploaded your video, you will see the video added to the gallery of your current piece of content. To add the video to your Custom Video Helper, click the video and then click Save

You will then see your Custom Video Helper added to your Social Helpers menu. If you'd like to delete this Custom Video Helper, click the to delete. To upload a different video, click the Video Camera.

To schedule a message with your Custom Video Helper, go to the Social Campaign attached to your Content and add a new Video Post. Next, click the Video Camera to open your Content's video gallery. Click the Custom Video Helper video to add it to your social message. When you're done adding Text to your message, click Add Message.


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