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Connecting CoSchedule To Google Calendar

Connecting to Google Calendar is similar to connecting your integrations. To connect your CoSchedule Calendar to Google Calendar, go to the Settings > Integrations page.

See when your content will publish.

Connecting CoSchedule to Google Calendar means that any content you create in CoSchedule will appear on you Google Calendar, reflecting the date it is scheduled. CoSchedule will sync posts up to two months in advance to your Google Calendar. This includes WordPress posts, and messages to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also print a hard copy of your calendar with this integration.

Content is read-only.

You cannot create or control content from Google Calendar; that must be done in CoSchedule. However, you can see when your content will run using the different views that Google offers you, such as day, week, month, or agenda view (shown below). It is a convenient way for you, or a client, to monitor your content marketing using your mobile device

We currently only support Google Calendar.

We have designed CoSchedule to work with the ICS calendar format. While it may work with other calendar systems, we only officially support usage with Google Calendar.

CoSchedule data isn't showing up instantly in my calendar.

Your data will not show up in your Google Calendar immediately, as it is not a real-time connection and is at the mercy of Google Calendar's updating process. Imported calendars in the "Other Calendar" section of your Google Calendar will, according to Google, update "every few hours." Google Calendar will continue to refresh and will show two weeks of content in the past and two months in the future.

CoSchedule isn't appearing in my mobile app.

Once you've set up CoSchedule to work with Google Calendar, you may need to wait anywhere from a few hours to a 24-hour period before your mobile app picks up the changes. Be sure to go into the Google Calendar app settings and see that your CoSchedule calendar(s) are set to sync and that they will also display.

If you do not see these calendars listed after you have connected them with CoSchedule on your computer, check back on your mobile app periodically. They will be available once the system syncs and Google updates your calendar.

Connect CoSchedule to Google Calendar

1. Select the blog you want to connect.

Go to Settings > Integrations. You'll see the Google Calendar options there.

2. Choose an account to add to Google Calendar.

Choose which accounts you'd like to create a calendar for in Google Calendar from the list of accounts you've connected. Click on Add to Google Calendar.

3. You will be taken to Google Calendar

A new tab will open in your browser once you've clicked an account to connect to Google Calendar. A popup will appear, and you have the option of adding this to your calendars or not.

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