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What Do Published Social Messages Look Like?

Each network handles images, text, and link posts in their own unique way. We provide a preview of what your message will look like to give you an idea of what to expect


Facebook displays all three social message types well. You can see what Facebook messages will look like here.


On the Twitter network, text and link posts are handled the same in the news feed. When a link post is expanded, you will see the hovercards if your blog is set up to use them. Image posts will have the large image that shows in the news feed, just as if you'd uploaded it natively. You can see what Twitter messages will look like here.


Google+ works best with image and link posts. You can send a text message to Google+, but if there is any link attached or associated with the message, Google+ will automatically create a link preview. You can see what Google+ messages will look like here.


Tumblr works well with all three social message types. You can see what Tumblr messages will look like here.


LinkedIn handles messages fairly well, thought it is a network that is weak with handling image posts. You can see what LinkedIn messages look like here.

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