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Using Custom Post Types

Custom post types are a way of distinguishing different types of content on your WordPress website. Many themes take advantage of them as a way to organize different types of content. A simple example of post types is the difference between posts and pages, which are each a custom post type. You can read more about custom post types here.

If you need this feature and are the Owner or Admin in CoSchedule, you can enable CoSchedule to recognize these custom post types. It is important to note that most users won't need to worry about this setting at all.

Enable Custom Post Types

Go to the Settings > WordPress area for the blog you wish to work with. Under "WordPress Custom Post Types", click Enable.


Once enabled, you will see the custom post types available to you. Select the types you want to appear on your calendar.

Post Creation Box

With custom post types enabled and the post types selected, you will notice that your post creation box has a section that allows you to select the custom post type of your choice when you create a new post.

You may need to refresh your connection to see these changes take place.

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