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Schedule and Publish Messages to Instagram with CoSchedule

Scheduling and publishing messages for Instagram is a little different than the other social networks.

To begin, create a new social message. When the New Social Message window opens, choose your Instagram account(s) that you would like to schedule messages for. You can create either an Image or Video-type social message.

After you schedule your messages, go to the CoSchedule mobile app on your phone. Choose your calendar by clicking the Calendar name on the top. The Calendar picker will open and show all calendars that are connected to your CoSchedule account. Choose the calendar you're working on. You will see all of the Instagram social messages for your calendar on the Calendar tab. You will receive a push notification from your phone when the scheduled time is reached.


When your Instagram post reaches the scheduled time, it will show up in the Notifications tab. Click on the post to publish or reschedule.


To publish to Instagram, click on the message you'd like to publish. Then click Post Now to Instagram. When the image is added to Instagram, CoSchedule will automatically copy the text of your message to your clipboard.

Then click Open Message Instagram.

Instagram will open and your Image will show up first in your clipboard. Choose your image and then click Next. CoSchedule will send the full image to Instagram so you can resize or edit it.

Once you're done editing your photo, click Next it will then lead you to your final page before publishing. Hold down on your screen until the Paste option shows up. Click Paste to add the text for your post to Instagram and click OK. When you're ready to publish your post to Instagram, click Share.

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Republish Failed Sent Messages

Republish any of your sent Instagram messages that may have failed during the process. To do so, go to the calendar view inside of the CoSchedule mobile app. There will be three different statuses that your messages are in. You can only republish Instagram posts that have the status "No Instagram data available." To republish the Instagram post, click on the message and click Go To Message. Click Preview then Push to Instagram.

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