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Using Google+ With CoSchedule

CoSchedule allows you to connect and post to your Google+ Page.

How To Connect To Google+ Through Buffer

Connecting your Google+ Page with CoSchedule is a little different than connecting CoSchedule to your other Social Profiles because you have to connect through Buffer. For more information on connecting to Google+ through CoSchedule, check out our document on Connecting to Google+ Through Buffer.

Once you have finished adding your Google+ account, you will see them added to your Social Profiles list of accounts. You can delete your Google+ accounts here, too.

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Creating And Posting Content to Google+

Creating a message for Google+ is much the same as creating messages for the other social networks.

Including A Permalink In Copy Of Messages

We will always include a link in a Google+ message if it is associated with a blog post. You can control where the URL appears in your message by adjusting the {permalink} when you create your message. Be sure to leave a space on each side of the permalink.

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What Google+ Messages Look Like

Once you send your image, it will appear on your Google+ Page much like a natively created message. On Google+, the link and text posts appear the same in the news feed.

You can create a Link Post on CoSchedule.

The post will appear on Google+ as:

You can create an Image Post on CoSchedule.

The post will appear on your Google+ Page:

You can create a Text Post on CoSchedule.

The post will appear on Google+ as: 

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