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How to Change the Title and Excerpt for Facebook Link Message Preview

Recently, you might have noticed that there has been a change that affects your ability to change the Title and Excerpt inside of your Facebook Link Preview. There is a workaround for this.

First off, this workaround will only work if the blog connected is already Published. Go to your published, live blog post, and Copy the URL. Then paste that URL into the "Permalink" box. Once CoSchedule grabs the information from your URL, you will see a Pencil icon appear in the Facebook Link Preview box. Click the Pencil icon.

After you click the Pencil icon, the Title and Excerpt will become editable and you can add your custom text into the two fields. When you're done editing the Title and Excerpt, click Save.

After you save the Title and Excerpt, finish the scheduling of your social message. CoSchedule will then save this information and publish the new edited Title and Excerpt when the message is scheduled!

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