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Trial Different Plans and Features

CoSchedule has multiple different plan levels. Interested in a certain plan, but not sure if you would like to pay more yet? Now you have the ability to trial a different plan with a free 14-day trial. 

Trial a Different Calendar Plan

To begin, go to your Settings > Billing > Manage Subscriptions page. CoSchedule will show you recommended plans with more features. Here you can watch demos, trial the plan, or upgrade to a different calendar plan.

Click Try Free For 14 Days and trial the plan in a 14-day free trial. If you do not like the plan, you can exit the trial at any time.

Note: When you enter a 14-day free plan trial, your current calendar subscription will be paused and will begin again as soon as you leave the plan trial.

The "Start Your Trial" page will then open. This page will tell you how what new features you will be receiving and the price difference compared to your current plan. If you want to proceed to trial the selected plan, click Start Now.

Congratulations! You have started the trial for your new calendar plan! The "Explore Your New Plan" window will open. You can either click Manage My Subscription to manage your current CoSchedule calendar plan or you can click Go to My Calendar to start testing your new CoSchedule calendar.

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Upgrade or End Trial

If you have liked the features that you have recently trialed, go to your Settings > Billing > Manage Subscription page. Click Upgrade Now and your calendar will be upgraded into the trial calendar plan.

Not satisfied with your calendar plan trial? Click Stop Trial then complete the prompts and you will be taken out of your calendar trial and put back into your old calendar plan.

Note: When your 14-day trial is over, your calendar will be automatically upgraded to the new calendar trial plan unless the trial is stopped.

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