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Manage Email Notification Preferences

Manage all of the email notifications sent to you from CoSchedule inside of your Account Settings page. To manage your account settings click on your account name in the top left-hand corner, then click on the Email Notifications tab.


1. Receive weekly review of published WordPress content - Receive CoSchedule's weekly review to view how many blog posts and social messages for those posts you scheduled for the current week.

2. Receive payment confirmation - Calendar owners will receive billing payment confirmation when your subscription is renewed.

3. I am assigned as the author of a WordPress post - When a team member assigns or changes the author of a WordPress blog post, the team member who is the new author will receive an email notification. (Unless the new author is the user who changed it.)

4. New comment created on an item I am following - Receive an email notification anytime someone comments on a blog post, social campaign, or content that you are contributing to.

5. Someone completes my task or a task that I have assigned - Receive email notifications anytime a task that is assigned to you is completed by someone else or a task is completed that you have assigned.

6. My task is due tomorrow - Receive an email notification at 8:00 am the day before a task that is assigned to you is due.

7. I am assigned a task - Receive an email notification when you are assigned to a task.

8. Any social message fails on the calendar - Calendar admins receive an email notification anytime a social message fails to publish.

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