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How do I add my profile image inside of CoSchedule?

Your CoSchedule account's profile image is connected to your Gravatar profile. To learn how to add a profile image, check out this article on how to create a profile image.

Why am I not able to see any content?

If you are not able to see any content on your calendar, check with an admin on your team to see what your team role is on your CoSchedule calendar. Users, Admins, and Owners are able to see everything on the calendar but Guests will have to be added as a contributor to view or edit content. 

We've made tasks but I'm not seeing any show up on my calendar? Why is that?

Tasks connected to content will only show up on the calendar if it is assigned to a specific time. Tasks that are assigned to a specific team member will only show up for that specific user. Tasks that aren't assigned a time or user will only show up within the content. For more information, check out this article on tasks.

How do I send a comment to a specific user?

You cannot mention specific users in comments, but if you add a user as a contributor to a piece of content, they will receive an email notification every time someone makes a comment inside of the content.

I'm receiving too many emails. How do I manage my email settings? 

To manage your email settings for your CoSchedule account, go to the Account Settings. Here you will have the ability to enable or disable each email notification setting for each of your calendars. 

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