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Create Your First Social Campaign

Along with managing all of your Marketing Projects, CoSchedule is great for creating and managing all of your Social Campaigns. Creating standalone social messages will help with your quick one-off messages, but creating a drip campaign for any article is where CoSchedule shines.

Create and Manage Your First Social Campaign

To get started working with your first Social Campaign, click + on the date you want your social campaign to begin. Then choose the type of content you are working on.


Pick a title and click Create. You can change the title at any time. When your Content opens, make sure the content is in the Scheduled state or your social media messages will not publish when they reach the scheduled date.

Note: Don't see any Social Profiles on your calendar? Go to Settings > Social Profiles to add your Social Profiles.

Scheduling First Social Messages 

1. Click Add a Campaign to start building your Social Campaign.


2. Click on the Link icon in your social campaign then add the URL you would like to promote. CoSchedule will grab a title, excerpt, and all the images from your blog. You will then be able to choose the default image to show up on your social messages.


3. Start building your social campaign. CoSchedule will pull images from your added URL to accompany your social posts when they are scheduled. Make sure your Content is in the Scheduled state. If the content is in the Draft state, social messages will not publish.

Note: Do you have a certain schedule that you like to stick to when you're planning your social media for a blog post? With CoSchedule's Social Templates, you can save that schedule and quickly apply to promote your content in just a couple clicks!

Now we built our first Social Campaign, what do we want to do next?

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