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How Our Marketing Team Uses Social Templates

One of the biggest questions that we get at CoSchedule is how do we create our Social Templates. We have multiple different Social Templates, but only a certain type when working on our blog. Below I will breakdown how we create our Social Template and what we insert into Social Helpers after a template is applied.

Building Your First Social Template

The first thing our team does anytime we create a Social Template is to create the Custom Text Helpers. Depending on how many different messages you want to add to your social template, you can create as many social helpers as you want for each network. Here are all the text helpers that we use for each blog post. 


As you can see, we create 5 different Twitter messages and 2 different Pinterest messages. The number next to the social helper will usually go with a specific custom image helper when we create our social messages.

Now it's time to create the Custom Image Helpers. These are helpers that we use.

Screen_Shot_2017-05-18_at_2.47.54_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2017-05-18_at_2.48.04_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2017-05-18_at_2.48.12_PM.png

You can see we have created an image helper to match up with each text helper that we have created. This will help pair all Image-type social messages with a custom image. Now it's time to create the social messages using these social helpers.

Here's the template we use. This can be different for you depending on how many accounts you manage, but this is what works for our team. We'll start with the messages we make for the "Same Day As Publish" date.



Once again, each text helper is accompanied by an image helper of the same name. This helps our team to manage the images better while creating a specific image for each tailored message. Another thing you will notice is that we manage multiple different Twitter accounts for CoSchedule alone. If you want to remove some twitter social helpers, because you have less Twitter accounts, feel free to do so. Next messages we create after the "Same Day As Publish" messages will be one Twitter message 3 days after publishing. Then create more just to keep the content on our audience's mind.


We continue the scheduling until "42 Days After Publish." Here are the rest of the messages.


And that's all the messages we use for every single blog post. Once the blog post finishes all of its social messages, we usually wait a while to reschedule, or you can just start the social campaign over by reapplying your social template.

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Applying Your Social Template

Once you have applied your Social Template to your piece of content. CoSchedule will add all of the messages and Social Helpers to your content. Click Apply to save that Template to your Content. You will now begin to fill in your Custom Social Helpers that you have added. Here is how we fill in our Text Helpers for one of our blog posts. For Custom Image Helpers, we pair each image helper with an image that is optimized to be the correct resolution for each network we're publishing to.



As soon as each Social Helper is filled in, CoSchedule will automatically populate that information into all of your social messages. Change your Content from "Draft" to "Scheduled" or "Published" and CoSchedule will begin to publish all of your new social messages!

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