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First Steps Into CoSchedule

Hello! Today we're going to talk about taking your very first steps inside of CoSchedule. CoSchedule is the #1 Marketing Calendar to help you manage all of your marketing projects and social promotion. We will discuss setting up your calendar and creating your first piece of content so that you can start collaborating and saving time with your team (or by yourself!) So create your first CoSchedule calendar, connect your social profilesinvite your team, and let's get started.

1. Creating Your First Content

The first thing to know about CoSchedule, is everything revolves around content. This is where you manage projects with your team and schedule your social campaigns.

During your onboarding steps, CoSchedule will ask you which type of content you will be working on inside of CoSchedule. (Depending on your plan.) These content types will not have different functionality. They are simply a top-level way to label your projects. (To manage your content types at any time go to your Settings > Calendar Settings page.)

1. Create a new piece of content. Click the + on the day you'd like to schedule the Content.

  • For managing projects, this will be the finishing date of your project.
  • For managing social campaigns, this will be the starting date of your social campaign.


2. Add a title, tags, labels, and author. (This will help you filter your calendar once it starts to get filled.)


3. Once you have clicked Create. The content editor will open. There are three main features inside of Content.

  1. Content Editors: Manage any project by working with CoSchedule's Text and File editor. Use tools like Google Docs or Evernote? Add any Doc or Note to your content.
  2. Team Workflow Features: Create tasks and assign them to team members or yourself. Use the comment section to update or respond to your teammates. The contributor tab will help you assign team members to be updated by CoSchedule's notification system. 
  3. Add a Social Campaign: Add a Social Campaign to any piece of content. Create a social media drip campaign for any of your projects or websites.


4. Now that we have created our first piece of content, what's the first thing we want to do?

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