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Automate Social Messages With CoSchedule ReQueue Recap

Thank you for joining us for our Get More Mileage out of Your Social Messages with ReQueue demo. We wanted to make sure you are able to learn more about ReQueue, so we wanted to make sure we got you some information to help you be even more successful with CoSchedule!

If you’re ever looking to rewatch today's session, you can do so below. Feel free to send this page to any of your teammates! 


To view all of our future and past demos, head over to here.

If you're wanting the slides that went over today, you can download the PDF below:

Deep Dive into ReQueue Slide Deck

FAQ From This Demo

Can you give us more information about ReQueue?



Can I setup ReQueue Groups to only publish to certain days of the week?

You're able to setup all of your ReQueue Groups to schedule to specific dates, but you cannot set up specific Groups to publish to specific dates. To repeatedly schedule to the same day every week, we recommend creating a Social Template.

What kind of analytics does CoSchedule have?

Basic Analytics

Advanced Analytics

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