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Facebook Link Snippet Change: Modifying Link Previews


On June 28th, 2017, Facebook announced the removal of the ability to modify the Link Snippet for all social messages. You can review their announcement at Modifying Link Previews. These changes will become effective on July 18th, 2017. For that reason, any changes made inside of the Permalink box(Image below) will not reflect in Facebook Link Posts past this day.CoSchedule_-_CoSchedule.png

We realize this change is not ideal for all professional markets, but Facebook believes it is the best way to battle malicious websites along with false information. 

What does this mean for me?

 If you are regularly scheduling Facebook link messages for your website, make sure that you have Open Graph optimized on all of your pages to make sure you're publishing the correct information. We will try and show you the best link preview that we can, but if you want to double-check any of your URLs prior to going live, we recommend inserting your URL into Facebook's Sharing Debugger.

For more information on Open Graph, we recommend visiting Facebook's Open Graph Best Practices and Guide for Webmasters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to past ReQueue messages with customized link previews?

Messages that have been added to ReQueue that contain custom preview messages (Title, Excerpt, or Image) will default to what Open Graph is able to publish. CoSchedule will not update the preview for ReQueue messages. Facebook will scrape the information when the message is published again.

My already scheduled messages along with Social Templates include Facebook link messages with a custom "Best Image" chosen for the image. Will this still show up when the message is published?

Facebook Link-type messages will not show any custom images that are added inside of CoSchedule. Best Image and Custom Image Helper images will only publish in Image-type social messages.

I use a page builder like Divi or Visual Composer inside of my WordPress integration. I need to update the Permalink box inside of CoSchedule or builder tags show up in the excerpt. What do I do now?

Because of how Facebook will scrape the Open Graph information from your website, you will no longer have to update the excerpt inside of CoSchedule. Facebook will instead grab the excerpt directly from the Open Graph information that accompanies your URL.

What social networks still allow Link Preview customization?

To learn more about what social networks still allow link preview customization, check out Which Social Networks Allow Link Preview Customization?

What tools can help me customize or manage my Open Graph information? 

For all WordPress or Drupal users, we recommend using YoastSEO. For more information on optimizing your social messages inside of Yoast, check out https://yoast.com/social-media-optimization-with-yoast-seo/

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