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Setup Approval Workflow for All Tasks

Need a client's confirmation on a task or want to keep track of your team better? Supercharge your team's workflow by adding approval workflow to all of your tasks. 

Note: Team Performance Report is only available in select plans.

To add Approval Workflow to any task, open the Advanced Options of your task.


Scroll to the Requires Approval By field. Select who the task is assigned and who must approve the task.


Once the task is finished by the assignee, the approver will be notified to approve the task.


All tasks that need approval will show up in the Pending Approval part of the Dashboard. Click Dashboard_-_CoSchedule__.png to approve the task or Dashboard_-_CoSchedule__.png to deny.


Once approved or denied, click the task to go to the content. You can then leave a comment inside of the content to give more information on why it was approved or denied.

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