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Add Multiple Images to Social Messages in Mobile App

Upload multiple images to all Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram image messages. To begin, schedule a social message. ClickScreen_Shot_2017-07-27_at_3_16_51_PM.png to add multiple images.

  • Facebook: Add up to 20 images to your Facebook messages. Facebook will store these images in the Timeline Photos folder.
  • Twitter: Twitter only allows up to 4 images to be added to each social message.
  • InstagramInstagram allows up to 10 images to be added to each post.
Note: Only one image can be uploaded to Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr.
To reorder the images, drag-and-drop the image to a new order inside of the Edit Message window.
To remove or add any images, click an image orScreen_Shot_2017-07-27_at_3_16_51_PM.png. The Image Gallery window will open. Choose which images you want to include in the social message or click Upload New.
To preview an image before adding it to your social message, long press on the image inside of the Image Gallery window. A preview of only the image will open. Click to close or Delete to delete the image.
To preview how the social message will look once published, click Preview in the Edit Message window.

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