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December 2016 Release Notes


Improved Email Notifications Settings

  • We made some improvements to our email notification settings that also you to control which email notifications you receive.

On top of adding Improvements to your calendar’s email notification settings, tackled a few issues and pushed out a few bug fixes:

  • [Bug/Enhancement] Various backend improvements to CoSchedule Instagram app.
    • Included are a few quality of life improvements that make using the app easier, a few minor interface tweaks, and fixing a bug that wasn't shorting links when bit.ly was enabled on calendars.
  • [Bug] Tasks % not updating on calendar view until content is opened again after saving.
  • [Enhancement] Under the Hood ReQueue improvement and bugfixes. Better performance = Smarter ReQueue!
  • [Bug] Blog Posts/Campaign were showing up on Top Posts page multiple times. We squashed that one!

Last month we released some pretty awesome features including ReQueue, Instagram, and Instagram Tagging

Check out the November Release notes to get the full details. http://help.coschedule.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001517307-November-2016-Release-Notes

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