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Want to learn all about our CoSchedule plans or have any questions? Well, you are in the right place.

What is the big difference between my current plan and the new plans?

Previous plans were based on a cost per calendar model. Our newer plans are focused on the number of users/social profiles with a combination of what you are using CoSchedule for. The new plans will also add flexibility to grow as your team grows and does not force you to pay for the features you do not want. To learn more, check out this video:

Ok, that sounds pretty good, but I have some more questions.

I'm currently on a paid plan, will my plan change?

We have no plans to discontinue your current plan. If you are currently happy with the plan you are in, feel free to stay in it. If you are curious about purchasing one of our new plans, check out our pricing page to see which plan is best for you! http://www.coschedule.com/pricing

What additional features, if any, will be included in my new plan?

Calendars in the new plans have the ability to create multiple WordPress connections and our entry level plan now has ReQueue included.

The main change is a transition from a "per-user" model vs. "per-calendar" model.

Where can I learn more about the new CoSchedule plans?

To learn more about all plans, check out https://coschedule.com/compare-per-user-plans

For more information on each plan, check out:





Do you have specific use cases for which new plan I would fall under?

This depends on what you want to manage with CoSchedule.

  • Essential is great for bloggers, solopreneurs, and freelance marketers.
  • Growth is aimed at small businesses and startup marketing teams that want to go beyond blog posts and social - allows teams to schedule all of their marketing content on one calendar. The agency add-on also allows for multiple calendars on the same account and the ability to invite clients to their own calendar.
  • Professional is great for professional marketing teams who need to manage full-scale marketing campaigns and utilize advanced team workflows and reporting.
  • Enterprise is customized for the needs of large marketing teams. Get all of CoSchedule's great functionality along with advanced team permissions, security and access logs.

Does the Essential plan offer multiple calendars?

Essential users can now add multiple WordPress sites to the same calendar. You can then create multiple calendar views using a new feature called Saved Filter Views. If you're needing a more robust multiple calendar solution for customized team permissions and workflows, we recommend you check out our higher tiers.

Are the plans getting more expensive?

While we don’t promise a price decrease for everyone, the new plans could actually result in a price decrease for many of our most popular features. For example, when paying per calendar our cheapest plan with ReQueue (one of our most popular features) starts at $79. With our new plan, ReQueue is available as a standard option at our lowest tier which starts at $49. In addition, because you can customize your own user and social profile limits, you will only pay for what you use. Plus, options for managing multiple WordPress sites or calendars are now more available than ever.

Will my discounts still work?

Any referrals you have credit for currently will continue, as long as that calendar you referred is on a paid plan. We will take the largest discount available across all of your calendars (up to a maximum of 50%) and apply it to your new CoSchedule plan.

For example, if you have 1 calendar with a cumulative discount (referral discount, review discount, etc.) of 15% we will carry that 15% discount over to your new CoSchedule plan for 6 months.

If you have 2 calendars, one with a 10% discount and the other with a 70% discount, we will give you a 50% discount on your new CoSchedule plan for 6 months.

I still have more questions.

That's perfectly fine! We want to make sure you understand fully before we move you into your new CoSchedule plan. Feel free to reach out to our awesome support team by clicking Chat with an Expert on the Plan page.


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