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January 2017 Release Notes

Happy January! As we move into the new year, we have some exciting things planned for 2017! Here's a short list of the things we accomplished this month:


Facebook Targeting

Our new Facebook targeting feature allows you to choose a restricted audience or preferred audience for your scheduled Facebook social messages. Audience restriction limits the people who are able to view a particular post. With audience restrictions, the only people who have the ability to view your post anywhere on Facebook are those who match your audience restrictions settings. The audience restrictions settings include age, location, and language.

In addition to restricted audience and preferred audience settings, our Facebook Targeting feature also allows you save your targeting presents so that you can easily re-use your audience settings for multiple messages.

This feature is available to all users in a Team Pro plan.

Content Types
With our new content types feature you can create different types of content for everything on your CoSchedule calendar. Content types will provide your team with clarity and organization so you can continue to keep your projects moving forward, faster! In addition to our new Content Types, we also have Custom Content Types (available to all users in a Team Pro plan) so you can create your own customizable content types for everything you do!


Export (CVS/PDF) 

CoSchedule analytics just got a little bit better. Now, Export and Export scheduling are available. Our export feature allows you to export your report details as a downloadable CSV or PDF file. This feature is available to all users in a Team Pro plan. 

ReQueue Add-On & Multi-Calendar 

We made two new changes to the CoSchedule plans available.

First off, our ReQueue feature is now available as an add-on to users in both Solo and Team Marketing plans, and is included in Team Pro plans. You're also able to add ReQueue as an add-on to our Multi-Calendar and Multi-Calendar Pro plans. With ReQueue you can keep your calendar and social queue full. ReQueue allows CoSchedule to intelligently send messages for you during the best possible traffic times for each network.

Second, CoSchedule’s now has a Multi-Calendar Plan so you can scale your plan to fit multiple clients and multiple calendars all in one platform.

Our mobile team has also been busing improving our CoSchedule mobile app for Instagram. Our new changes include Instagram Analytics and a Sent Message Tab. Instagram analytics are now included and displayed with each message on the sent tab. The Sent Messages tab displays your recently sent posts. The Sent Messages tab has replaced the former missed messages tab, but you can still view your missed message by visiting the new Missed tab on the CoSchedule mobile app. 



On top of adding Facebook Targeting, updating the CoSchedule App, and allowing ReQueue as an add-on for your calendar, we tackled a few issues and pushed out a few bug fixes:

  • [Bug]- Various fixes to Content Types and New Billing page:

          - Squished bugs include smaller quality of life improvements like phrasing of certain sentences, making visual changes to help any confusion when wanting to select a monthly vs. annual plan, and crossing our t's/dotting our i's. 

  • [Bug]- Custom UTM tags were not being added onto links when added onto messages. You may now continue with your regularly scheduled Custom UTM tag-adding.
  •  [Enhancement]- Cancel text inside Snooze mode was hard to read on your calendar. We've made that text much much easier to read, and we apologize for any strained eyes.


Feature availability is based on your current plan level, and has been reflected above. for further details visit our pricing page here. And just in case you missed it view last months release notes here

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