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How To: Manage Your Podcast with CoSchedule

Podcast management can be tricky, and at times can feel like you’re trying to herd cats. We here at CoSchedule are in the business of helping you get your time back, which is why we put together this video to teach you how to manage your podcast easily with CoSchedule.


Schedule Your Podcast

Before beginning, go to your Settings > Calendar Settings page and add the Podcast content type.

If you're in an Essential plan, you can use the Blog Post content type and add "Podcast" as a custom color label or tag.

Add the name of your podcast episode, assign the owner, and choose a scheduled time then click Create.

Use the different content editors to plan all of your content. For example, we use the text to plan questions and create an outline for our podcast.


Building your content inside CoSchedule allows the flexibility to do all of your planning and scheduling in the same place. Never have the problem of switching between multiple tools and having yourself or team wonder where you are at during the process of your content.

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Stay On Track With Tasks

Use the task and discussion section, along with task templates, to keep yourself and your team consistent through the planning of your entire podcast episode.

Here are the steps we use for our podcast:


This template allows our marketing team, graphics designer, and social media manager to be consistent with our podcast management and make sure every podcast is on time.

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Promote Your New Awesome Podcast

Now that the planning, creating, and publishing of your new podcast is all done, schedule all of your social media in the same place where you built your new episode. We use specific social templates for our podcasts, but you can also use the social queue to manually create your entire social campaign.


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