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How To: Manage Projects with Tasks and Discussions

Creating tasks and proper communication is the best way to make sure your team is always on track with any of your projects. One problem that teams will run into is having all their communication and workflow spread across multiple tools. With CoSchedule, erase the hassle of having to switch between multiple tools and make sure your team is getting all your projects finished on time.


Be Successful with the CoSchedule Dashboard

The CoSchedule dashboard is the command center of CoSchedule. This is where you will be able to track all new notifications and see a complete task list for every piece of content you are working with on CoSchedule. 

With multiple conversations and movement from your team members, use the Notifications section to work through your busy workflow. Track new comments, finished tasks, and new content assignments all in one place. Click on any notification to open the content on the calendar.


With a busy marketing team, you receive tasks for every part of your daily projects. The Task section will keep these tasks in a clean and easy-to-read tasklist.

Create personal tasks by clicking +Task that will only show up on your account or shuffle your tasks in our different presets to help you manage them better.


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Keep all Tasks and Communication Inside the Project

One of the main problems we hear from marketing teams is that they have to deal with so much unneeded noise from all their tools during their day-to-day. Receiving comments and ideas from email, chat, and other project management tools can often hurt your team more than it helps. Erase this problem by keeping the every moving part of your marketing campaign all in one place with CoSchedule task and comment section.

Screen_Shot_2017-12-19_at_2_40_29_PM.png   Screen_Shot_2017-12-19_at_2.39.21_PM.png

Mention team members and work with discussion threads to make sure all communication stays clean and easy to read. Like an idea or want to acknowledge you read someone's comment? Click Screen_Shot_2017-12-20_at_2_37_51_PM.png to let any team member know that you have seen their comment or you approve of their idea.

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Create a plan and follow it with Task Templates

Wanting to erase having to manually create multiple tasks? Create Task Templates for each one of your marketing projects to keep you or your team consistent. Easily apply any template to your content to superpower your workflow.


Stop getting alerted on the weekends. Turn on Ignore Weekends. This way, CoSchedule will only schedule your tasks during Monday - Friday.


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