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How To: Create Custom Calendar Views For Every Situation

Once your calendar starts to fill up it can start to feel cluttered and hard to manage. Using Saved Views will help create multiple views for every one of your teammates/projects. For example, these are the different calendar views our marketing team uses.


Social Scheduling View

Working with a Social Media Manager on your calendar? Create a view that will let them keep track of every social message that is going out each day. This way they can make sure everything is ready to go and spend more time on engaging with customers instead of managing and editing their social schedule.


Email Marketing View

View the video below to learn more about how we keep track of all our emails inside of CoSchedule. Create content for every email, so your team always stays on time and gets all your email campaigns out accordingly.


Blog View

Here at CoSchedule, we're big fans of content marketing and especially our blog. With our Blog view, we're able to see which blog posts are going out every day while also able to keep track of the task percentage so we always get everything out in a timely manner.


Live Demo / Webinar View

Every week, our Marketing and Education teams are doing multiple live demos. Creating a Live Demo / Webinar View helps us stay on track of each demo. We're able to plan pre/post emails while also getting all the of the needed visuals ready for the day we present. Just like with all of our content, we are able to use the Task percentage from the calendar view, to make sure we are all ready to present on the day of a webinar.


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