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How To: Marketing Projects for Every Size of Campaign

The major problem with other project management tools is that they are so good at scheduling single projects but not entire campaigns. Erase this problem with Marketing Projects. CoSchedule as a team uses Marketing Projects for every single large campaign that we're working with.

Note: Marketing Projects is available in all Team Pro, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

Email Campaigns

Along with keeping saved views that highlight all emails scheduled inside of CoSchedule, you can further group your email campaigns to each other using marketing projects.

Learn More: Easily manage all content inside of CoSchedule.

No matter how large or small the campaign is, creating a marketing project for an email campaign will give you an easier to read sub-calendar view to manage all emails that are going out for a specific campaign. Adding an end date to your marketing project will also allow a timeline view on your calendar so that all team members are aware of what is being sent out to your followers.


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Larger Multi-team Projects

With smaller projects like email campaigns, the marketing projects feature will easily help group your content together, but with larger, multi-team campaigns is where building out a marketing project helps your team shine.


First, think of all the different pieces of content you will be using during your entire project. For example, CoSchedule uses these custom content types for most projects:

  • Blog Post
  • Email Marketing
  • Project Checklist
  • Social Campaign
  • In-app Messages
More info: To create custom content types and color labels, go to the Calendar Settings page.

Along with custom content types, we use different color labels for each team. Since multiple marketing teams are working on each project, this helps each team understand what they have to do for each project.

Use the task report or marketing project tabs system to find the progress on any content inside of a marketing project.


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