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How To: House All Your Ideas In The Unscheduled Draft Bin

Working on a new calendar, you can start to feel that "working with a blank canvas" feeling. Using Unscheduled Drafts, you can start adding content to your calendar and move items that you're not wanting to currently work on to the Unscheduled Draft Bin to work on them later.


Create Ideas

Begin to create your ideas on the calendar. If you are going to move them to the Unscheduled Draft bin right away, don't worry about what day you schedule them on. When you're finished adding your initial information, close the content then drag it to the Unscheduled Draft Bin.


Once moved, the content will no longer be scheduled and will be available in your Unscheduled Draft Bin whenever you are ready to work on it.


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Managing Ideas In the Unscheduled Draft Box

The draft bin allows multiple different ways to filter. This will let you or your team only see the content that you are wanting to see. First off, if you're managing multiple WordPress sites on your calendar, you may filter out what site you're wanting to manage. You may also choose which content type you are wanting to look at.


Working with content that needs to be reviewed before it enters the calendar? Filter by Pending Review to view all content that needs approval by a manager. Never have unfinished or the wrong content on your calendar again.


Once you view the content and make sure that it is ready for your calendar, drag-and-drop it to the date or click on the content and choose a scheduled date. Once the content is scheduled, it will then appear on your calendar.

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