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How To: Use Analytics To Perfect Your Social Promotion

Stop downloading reports from individual platforms. Quickly view important social KPIs for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest right inside CoSchedule. Never be left in the dark with your social scheduling again.


Social Profile Reports

Go to Analytics. Select which profile report you want to view from the dashboard and you’ve got instant access to performance data on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest.

Have multiple profiles of the same network? You can quickly pull account specific data by selecting a profile from the drop-down menu at the top of each profile report. You can also set your desired date range to track page analytics on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

With Social Profile Reports, you now have an active pulse on how your social media channels are performing. Access reports anytime to help identify trends, dips, or peaks in channel performance. So you can continually focus on improving your social strategy.

Refine Your Social Strategy With Actionable Insight

Are you posting enough on each network? Are you sharing at the right time of the day? Are you posting important messages on the right day of the week? Social Profile Reports can empower you with actionable insight AND equip you with the right stats to make critical decisions.

Get an accurate gauge on your posting frequency and view:

  1. How many posts you’ve published during the set time period.
  2. The average number of posts you send per day.
  3. Which day of the week you send the majority of your messages.

Facebook Report Beta

Get access to a more in-depth breakdown of which days and times you’re publishing (including which messages were sent from ReQueue vs. scheduled).

Use this info to determine if you have any imbalances in posting frequency and reveal any opportunities to post more often or rearrange your scheduled content to fill in open days and times on your calendar.

Uncover the Best Day To Post and Best Time To Post based on your individual social profile reports.

Best Days and Times to Post

When you have important social content to share, you can confidently publish on the ideal day and time to connect with your most engaged followers. Scheduling a bunch of posts for a campaign? Identify trends in high engagement across time of day AND day of the week.


Track engagement stats and stop guessing at what will (or will not) resonate with your followers. 

With Social Profile Reports, you can track your top performing post type (based on engagement rate). Just look for the post type with a star. 

Engagement Per Tweet Type

Social Engagement Reports 

Your Social Engagement Report helps you prove your ROI by social network, account, and right down to the specific message.

Circle charts showing social engagement


Easily see and compare your performance across your social networks in one convenient place.


Use your Social Engagement Report to drill into the specifics:

  • Want to know if one of your Twitter handles is getting more engagement than another handle? Done.
  • Want to compare your Facebook messages to one another to know which ones got more engagement? Do it in CoSchedule.
  • Want to know if a certain piece of content is performing better on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? Easy.

See social engagement across channels easily

Easily learn from your results to re-share what works and improve your upcoming campaigns. 

Go here to learn more about Social Engagement Reports.

Top Content Report

We believe one of the best ways to measure how your content is doing is not by social engagement, but by social shares. Social Shares allow you to understand what content is resonating with your audience. With the Top Content Report, you're able to track all social shares on your calendar.

Filter your Top Content Report by content type, owner, or by the scheduled date. Easily promote your top content on your calendar, by clicking Share.

Analytics_-_CoSchedule_-_CoSchedule.pngThe "New Social Message" window will open with the content's information added to the social message. CoSchedule will automatically add the {title} and {permalink} default social helpers to the message. Edit the message then click Add Message to add it to the content's social campaign.

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