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How To: Plan Events in CoSchedule

When planning or participating in an event there is so much to do from coordinating the registration process, promotion, follow up activities, the list goes on and on. In some cases, you won’t have to do it alone, but keeping your team on the same page and working together just becomes another task to manage. Don’t worry, with CoSchedule you can plan any project or task involved in your event and still seamlessly work together with your team. Watch the short video below to learn more!

Keep Every Project Of Your Event Grouped Together

Create a custom color label for your event and apply it to all content involved in the event. This will help you easily view all the correlating event content on your calendar. 


Note: Have a plan for Marketing Projects? Use Marketing Projects to group your entire event into a sub-calendar view. Learn more at How To: Marketing Projects.

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Plan Every Little Project

Events have multiple different projects, promotions, and content that needs to happen to run successfully. Use Content to plan everything. Within each piece of content don't forget to assign the custom color label you created for the event.

In each piece of content, create tasks and use discussions to get your team organized and communicate through each project involved in the event.


Note: Tired of manually creating every task? Learn more about Task Templates.

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Filter Out The Noise

You don't need to see other non-event related content when you are trying to plan your event. Create a saved view of your calendar to quickly and easily see only what you are working on for the event.

This can be done by filtering the event's custom color label then creating a saved view.


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