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March 2017 Release Notes

Greetings, CoSchedule fans! As we wrap up another month of bringing you the #1 Content Marketing calendar in the world, here's a quick list of things we accomplished in the month of March.

Custom Color Labels:

  • Personalize your calendar with custom color labels. Create custom color labels, so you can categorize, prioritize, and emphasize the projects you (and your team) care about with the colors you care about.

  • Easily identify your color labels by giving them a name. Stop wasting valuable time translating your mystical color system; give your team the context they need by adding a name to every color label.

  • Prioritize your labels based on what matters to you (and your team). Organize your color labels (based on what you care about), so you can add content to the calendar fast and keep your team focused on the right stuff.


Gain powerful insight into your team’s overall progress in one report. Pinpoint areas of improvement, spot trends, and set realistic goals for your entire team (without all the tedious data collection).
  • Gain powerful insight into your team’s overall progress in one report, so you can focus on driving productivity and meeting your deadlines NOT scouring the calendar for project updates.
  • Easily identify peaks (and valleys) in your team’s performance, so you can pinpoint areas of improvement faster, iterate on your team’s task management, and accurately gauge project timelines.
  • Know who’s falling behind (and who’s rockin’ it) with individual performance reports. Get a snapshot of every team member’s progress with completed, overdue, and incomplete task reports, so you can set realistic goals for your team and address concerns faster.
  • Get weekly or monthly reports delivered right to your inbox with exportable reports! Easily create presentation-ready reports OR send data to yourself (and your team) on a regular basis; giving everyone a pulse on your team’s overall performance.
  • Note: This feature is available in all Team Pro Plans


On top of adding those excellent features, we fixed up a few minor bugs:

  • [Bug]- Minor fixes to Custom Color Labels and Team Performance reports
  • [Bug]- Chrome users unable to access CoSchedule. This was due to a change that was made to help older browser perform faster on CoSchedule, and has since been fixed. 
  • [Bug]- Tasks Percentages differentiating based on where they were being viewed. Now, you'll see your task percentage show the same values when being viewed from your calendar, or from inside of your content.  

Feature availability is based on your current plan level, for further details visit our pricing page here. And just in case you missed it view last months release notes here

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