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Saved Calendar Views

Saved calendar views help you create alternate default views that you can use for every time you login to CoSchedule without disrupting the view for any of your team members.

Note: Saved Calendar Views is now available in all of our New CoSchedule plans.

Create and Manage Saved Calendar Views

Each calendar will have a Default View. The Default View will be what you have selected inside of Settings > Calendar Settings. To create a Saved Calendar View, filter your calendar. When finished, click CoSchedule_-_CoSchedule__.png inside the filter menu then click Save as New. Type in the name for your saved calendar view and click Enter on your keyboard. Your saved calendar view will then show up in the Saved Views list.


To edit any saved calendar view, click on the view you want to edit and add or remove any filter changes. Once you have chosen the filter settings, click CoSchedule_-_CoSchedule__.png and choose Update Current. To reset any changes before updating, click Reset Filters to View.

To edit any titles or sort your calendar's Saved Views, click CoSchedule_-_CoSchedule__.png then Sort and Edit.

Drag and drop any saved calendar view to sort the order or click the Pencil icon to edit the title. To delete any saved calendar view, click the X.


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