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Schedule Social Messages On Mobile

To schedule a social message, choose the calendar you want to schedule for, then click in the top-right corner.


The Select Profiles page will open. Choose all Social Profiles that you want to schedule to then click Next.

Once you have clicked Next, the Create Message window will open. Here you will be able to create Social Messages.


1. Add or Remove Social Profiles: Add or Remove any additional social profiles to your current social message.

2. Choose the Type of Message: Choose which type of social message you would like to schedule to your calendar.

3. Pick the Schedule Time: Pick which day and time you want the social message to schedule. To choose the social message state, click More Options.

Once you have added all of your information, click Add Message and CoSchedule will add the social message to your calendar.

Note: Edit any scheduled message with a click of a button. Learn more here.

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