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Using Bit.ly With CoSchedule

You will need to authorize your Bit.ly account with each blog that you would like to use Bit.ly with. This allows you to authorize different Bit.ly accounts with different blogs if you wish. If you only have one account that you want to use with all blogs, each blog will require authentication individually.

Set Up Bit.ly With Your Blog

1. Choose the blog you would like to integrate with Bit.ly.

Go to Settings > Integrations. Click Connect to Bitly.

2. Authorize CoSchedule with your Bit.ly account.

Authorize your Bit.ly account. Click Allow. The Bit.ly account you are logged into is the account that will be authorized.

3. Bit.ly is now connected to your blog.

CoSchedule will now send your social messages out using the shortened Bit.ly URL, which you can track and observe statistics in Bit.ly. You will need to repeat these steps if you have multiple blogs connected to CoSchedule. You can connect different Bit.ly accounts for different blogs as long as you are logged into the Bit.ly account you wish to authorize.

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Multiple Bit.ly URLs

Using both the Bit.ly and Google tracking tags will create different Bit.ly URLs for each blog post.

With both enabled, CoSchedule will create a Bit.ly link for a post for each social network that shares that post. For example, if you publish a post and share it on a Facebook account and Twitter account several times over the next few days, CoSchedule will create two bit.ly links, one for each social network.

This allows you to track all of the traffic in your Google Analytics and Bit.ly accounts down to the social account level so you can see exactly where traffic is coming from.

If you prefer to have only one Bit.ly URL for each post, you will need to disable the Google tracking tags.

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