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Working With Content

Content inside of CoSchedule is where everything happens. Create social campaigns, manage projects, work with your team, along with many other functionalities! 

Getting Started

Click + on the date you want to schedule on. Click the Type of Content to create a new piece of standalone content on your calendar. To edit the Content Types on your calendar, go to Settings > Calendar Settings.

Enter your title. You can change the title at any time.

Click Create Content after you have entered your title and the Content window will open. Inside of Content you can add any of the content editors or work with team workflow features.

Note: Social messages assigned to content will not publish if the content is in Draft or Pending Review.


Your content will appear on your calendar just like your blog posts. Drag-and-drop any unpublished content just like social messages or content.

Now it's time to start building your first project or social campaign inside of CoSchedule.

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Creating in the Content Editor

Making content inside the content editor is super easy. You can add Text, Images, Video, Files, Google Docs, or Evernote Notes to your content.

Share or convert any of this content to WordPress. To learn more, check out Sharing and Converting Your Standalone Content.

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