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Connect Google+ Page Through Buffer

You can connect a Google+ Page to CoSchedule using your Buffer account. You must already have the Google+ Page authorized in Buffer before you can connect via CoSchedule.

Connect Google+ Through Buffer

1. Add Google+ Page to Buffer.

To connect to Google+ with CoSchedule, you will first need a Buffer account that has the Google+ Page connected to it. Buffer has instructions on how to add Google+ to Buffer.

2. Begin Connecting Google+.

In CoSchedule, go to Settings > Social Profiles. Click on Connect a Social Profile then choose Google+.


3. Authorize CoSchedule to access your Buffer account.

You will see an authorization screen pop up. Click Allow access to accept authorization.

4. Select the correct Google+ Page.

Choose the correct Google+ Page from the next window. Currently, you can only connect to Google+ Pages, not profiles. When you have found the correct Google+ Page you want to add, click Connect. The status will change to "✓Connected" and then click Done.

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