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Using Evernote with CoSchedule

Collaborate in real time with your team in the same Evernote note, and use CoSchedule's amazing team workflow features that you know and love to maximize the impact and efficiency of your team's hard work.

Connecting Evernote to CoSchedule

To connect your Evernote account to CoSchedule, go to Settings > Integrations. Click Connect Your First Notebook.

An "Attach a Shared Notebook" window will open, click the note(s) you want to add to your CoSchedule calendar and click Attach.


After you click Attach, you can look under the Evernote Shared Notebooks section and you will see what Evernote notes have been connected to your calendar. 

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Adding Evernote Notes to Your Content 

Click the + icon on the date you would like the Evernote Note to be scheduled to. Choose your Content. Enter your title and click Create Content.

Click the Evernote button. Then click Select a Note that you would like to add to your calendar.

The Select A Note window will open. Here you can search for your note or choose between your "Shared Notebooks" or "Private Notebooks." You can also Attach New Shared Notebooks

Once you have found the note you would like to add to your calendar, click the note and it will be added to your Content box. If you delete an Evernote note inside of CoSchedule, it will still be inside of your Evernote account. CoSchedule does not remove any anything inside of Evernote.

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Share Document or Convert to WordPress

ClickBrock_Pro_Calendar_-_CoSchedule.pngicon. A drop-down box will appear giving you the options to Share Public LinkConvert to WordPressDownload PDF, or Download HTML.

Share a Public Link

When you click Share a Public Link in the above dropdown a "Share Content" window will open. Click the Clipboard icon to copy the URL to your clipboard. 

Share the Public Link with anyone you would like to see your document and they will see this:

If you would like to disable the link so that no one can see your post, go back to the "Content" window and click Brock_Pro_Calendar_-_CoSchedule.png. The drop-down box will re-appear and you will be able to click Disable Public Link

This will stop the link from working and other people will not be able to see your document through your link anymore.

Convert Evernote Notes to WordPress

Convert any Evernote Note into a WordPress post. To convert a note to a WordPress post, click Brock_Pro_Calendar_-_CoSchedule.png. A drop-down box will appear and then click Convert to WordPress.

The Convert to WordPress window will open. Click Continue.

Select the category and author. After, click Convert.

When the conversion has completed successfully, click the Continue button then click Complete on the next window to finalize the process.

After you have converted of your Evernote Note, CoSchedule will treat the document the same way it treats a WordPress post that is made in WordPress. Click Edit Post in WordPress to make sure all of your images and text have converted through and that it is formatted the way you intended.

Note: To avoid additional HTML styling added to WordPress blog posts converted from Evernote, CoSchedule will only convert over Headline and basic styling tags, such as bolding, italicizing, and underlining. 

Saving Evernote Notes to PDF or HTML File

To save your Evernote Note to an HTML  or to a PDF file, go to the "Content" page and click Brock_Pro_Calendar_-_CoSchedule.png. A drop-down box will appear and then click Download PDF or Download HTML

Note: If you download your Evernote Note to an HTML file, it will be downloaded as a ZIP file.

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