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Web Host Issues: GoDaddy and Media Temple

Some of our users who’s blogs are hosted with GoDaddy and Media Temple are experiencing issues with connectivity on CoSchedule, including getting stuck in the onboarding process and connectivity issues.

There are problems with these hosts and some of their configurations that we are investigating. We have contacted GoDaddy and have not yet received a response from their team. If you would like to contact GoDaddy support directly, we encourage you to do so. If this is something you want to do, you can describe the issue like this: "The source of the GoDaddy-related syncing issue is a '408 (request timeout)’ response to many POST requests to WordPress from CoSchedule. This interrupts the syncing process and creates inconsistent data between the two platforms."

We want to provide you with the technical context to keep the information being told to GoDaddy consistent.

If you are looking for alternatives to GoDaddy/Media Temple, we are happy to recommend SiteGround, our website hosting integration partner. For more information about SiteGround, please visit https://www.siteground.com/coschedule

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