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Create A Task Template

CoSchedule now makes it easier than ever to assign common tasks to team members. You can now create a template in your calendar that can be easily applied to future blog posts to create and assign tasks to your team with the click of a button.

Comments are attached to blog posts in the CoSchedule calendar. When you select a blog post on the calendar, you will see where you can create a task.

Creating Your First Task Template

To begin, click on any Content on your calendar. Click the Template icon in your task tab to add a Task Template. 


The Task Template menu will open, click +New Template to create a new Task Template.

The "Task Template" window will open. Enter a title for your Task Template and click Next. If you want this specific Task Template to not schedule tasks that fall on a weekend, click Ignore Weekends.

Note: If you apply a Task Template with "Ignore Weekends" enabled then reschedule the associated content, the tasks may not ignore weekends. The tasks only ignore weekends during the template application step.

At the top, add the name to your Task Template, then start to add your Tasks to the template. 


Each newly created task will be added to the bottom of the task list. Reorder any task by clicking task_dashboard_gif.pngand dragging-and-dropping the selected task.


When you have added all your Tasks, click Close.

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Applying a Task Template to Content

To apply the Task Template to your content, click the Task Template icon, and then click the Name of the Task Template that you would like to add to your blog. 


To Edit or Delete a Task Template, mouse over the template you would like to delete and click the Pencil icon.

When you are assigning a task template to a post, CoSchedule lets you review the associated tasks before applying it. Once you are ready to apply the Task Template click Apply.


For more information on creating tasks, go here.

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