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Create Tasks

Tasks allow you to designate duties to help you keep you and your team on track.

Creating Tasks Connected to Content

Your task menu will appear on the right-hand side of your content along with your team comments.


Click on the New Task field to open the dialogue. Enter the text of your task. Click Schedule or Assign to assign any team member or scheduled task time.


The due date will be relative, meaning that you can select a date based on the publishing of the post (e.g. one day before, a week before.) If content's scheduled date is moved, the task due date will automatically adjust. You can also select a custom date, which is a hard date.

Each newly created task will be added to the bottom of your task list. Reorder any task by clicking task_dashboard_gif.png and dragging-and-dropping the selected task.


To sort the tasks, click CoSchedule_-_CoSchedule.png at the top of the Task section.

Build a consistent workflow with task templates to apply to your blog posts to save time and streamline your workflow.

Give a task more information with task descriptions. To add a description, open the Advanced Options for the task.


Enter a description to make sure your team member has zero questions about their upcoming task.


Team members will be notified of tasks.

Team members are only notified of a task if it is assigned to them. Task notifications will be sent to the team member's email and will show up on their Dashboard.

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Creating Standalone Tasks 

To create a standalone task, click + on the date you would like to schedule the task. Then click Task.

Add task descriptions or assign it to a team member. Your task will now appear on the calendar of the person it was assigned to. To delete a task, click Screen_Shot_2017-12-21_at_3.46.34_PM.png.


Only the person assigned the task will see it on the calendar. If you create a task and assign it to another team member you will not be able to view that task on your own calendar.

Check off tasks that are assigned to you right from your calendar. When a tasked is finished, it will have strikethrough text.

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Discussions Inside of Tasks

Add discussions to every task. To create a discussion for a task, open the Advanced Options for the task. Any activity inside of a task will show up inside of the discussions section.


Discussions connected to tasks will alert anyone assigned or mentioned inside of the task. Click Screen_Shot_2017-12-27_at_11.25.56_AM.pngto mute any notifications from discussions inside of tasks.

To react to any discussion inside of tasks, click Screen_Shot_2017-12-27_at_11.26.48_AM.png


Inside the content or dashboard task list, you will be able to view if there are new comments connected to a task.

Any past viewed task discussions will have a Grey speech bubble

Any unseen task discussions will have an Orange speech bubble. 


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