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Common Issues

There are a few issues that happen that can easily be fixed.

My post did not publish.

Your blog or social media post may not have published when you thought it would. This could be because of:

Post still set to draft: Be sure that your post is set to Scheduled or Published. If it is set to draft, it will never publish.

Incorrect timezone settings. It is extremely important that your WordPress timezone settings be correct. This is the only way CoSchedule knows when to publish anything. Find out how to correct your timezone.

Learn more about why your message may not have published.

I don't want team members to see my stuff.

Team permissions in CoSchedule do restrict team members from seeing what they are not supposed to. It is important to note that:

What you see when you, personally, are logged into WordPress is not what other team members see when they are logged into WordPress. Your CoSchedule experience inside WordPress is tailored to your personal CoSchedule login. You are logged into CoSchedule, the app? Then you see that same thing in WordPress. Your other team members see their own personal CoSchedule accounts, in the same way, and not yours.

You can control how much a team member can do. If you own or are admin of the CoSchedule account, you can control what other team members can do.

Strange posts are being published to my social accounts.

Make sure that you do not have another WordPress plugin (such as JetPack) set to publish to your social accounts. You may also have set up some automatic tweets or publishing using other online services that you have forgotten about. Common culprits include IFTTT, Twitter Feed or dlvr.it. It is easy to set such services up and forget that you have done so.

If CoSchedule is at fault, contact support. We will get to the bottom of the issue.

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