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CoSchedule Token In WordPress

Current token does not match stored token

The CoSchedule token stored in your WordPress installation does not match the current token CoSchedule associates with your blog. This can sometimes occur during data migration if a blog is exported and moved to a new domain.

Solution: Deactivate the CoSchedule plugin in your WordPress dashboard. This will clear the token stored in WordPress. Then, reactivate the plugin. You will be asked to enter your CoSchedule username and password to reconnect your blog and save the correct token in WordPress.

Token check failed in WordPress

No token was found stored in WordPress. This generally indicates that the plugin has been activated, but the connection was never established between CoSchedule and WordPress.

Solution: To connect, visit your WordPress dashboard and go to Calendar > Settings. Enter your username and password to create a connection and sync your data with CoSchedule.

CoSchedule was not able to verify token

CoSchedule wasn't able to access the endpoint used to gather token data from WordPress. This may indicate an old CoSchedule plugin is installed, or that a WordPress plugin or setting is preventing access to this endpoint.

Solution: Ensure that the most recent CoSchedule plugin is installed and attempt to reconnect in WordPress. Visit the WordPress dashboard and go to Calendar > Settings. If this does not resolve the issue, contact support.

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